How Come?

How come the sky is coloured blue?

How come the grass is green?

How come some people are so tall?

How come some are so mean?

How come a turtle has a shell?

How come a hive has bees?

How come a baby has no teeth?

How come the Earth has trees?

How come the sun stays in the sky?

How come a bird will sing?

How come the ocean is so big?

How come a wasp will sting?

I ask such questions all day long,

wherever I might go.

The answer always is the same —

how come it’s “I don’t know”?

9 thoughts on “How Come?

  1. Wow! Sorry, kid: I figured I might be able to set your mind at ease on at least one of those, but I don’t know either.
    But here is the important thing: never stop being interested in things. Keep asking questions FOREVER. A lot of people lose their sense of wonder. Don’t let it happen to you!
    Good heavens, I am philosophical tonight! Must be all that turkey. .

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