Other Things #21 – Poemlet #15

“Mary’s Cowboy Hat”

Mary bought a cowboy hat

and wears the hat to school.

The trouble is a cowboy hat

is not considered “cool”.

But Mary loves that cowboy hat

so wears the hat each day,

and cause she is so confident,

that hat is going to stay.

Now all the kids wear cowboy hats

every day to school,

and even though they hate the things,

they think that Mary’s cool.

6 thoughts on “Other Things #21 – Poemlet #15

  1. Reminds me of a blogger who described her daughter’s outfit for the very first day of school, ever. The girl chose to wear tights with two pairs of socks (bright and mismatched); feet stuffed into sparkly party shoes; a ballerina (or fairy) type skirt. The mom said she doubted any other little girl would be dressed anything like that, but that her daughter always seemed to want to march to a different drummer.

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