The Trampoline

Dennis had a trampoline

which really was a shame,

and maybe, when I think of it,

his parents were to blame.

They knew their boy was quite a brat

and reckless as could be,

so giving him a trampoline

was dumb — you must agree.

Of course, the boy jumped far too high

and landed on a roof,

and Dennis thought this wonderful

because the boy’s a goof.

Of course, he saw the chimney there

and so climbed right inside,

and dropped into the fireplace

where Dennis soon was spied.

Naturally, the police were called,

and Dennis went to jail.

Naturally, to get him out,

his parents posted bail.

Of course, his folks were quite upset

as any folks would be.

They took away the trampoline.

Good move — you must agree.

Because the boy was still so young,

the charges soon were dropped,

and cause there was no trampoline,

his crime spree had been stopped.

But cause his folks love Dennis lots,

not wanting to be mean,

they bought their boy a great big drone

since he can’t trampoline.

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