The Pillow Fight

Our pillow fight was lots of fun;

at least, it was at first.

In fact, we laughed hysterically

until our pillows burst.

Feathers filled my brother’s room

where we had had our fight.

Yes, cause of feathers everywhere,

the whole room turned to white.

And when we opened up the door,

some feathers filled the hall,

and then more floated down the stairs,

and that sure wasn’t all.

The family room and kitchen too

by feathers were consumed,

and when we saw them everywhere,

we knew that we were doomed.

When from the store, our mom returned,

she nearly lost her mind,

cause feathers floated everywhere,

so thick — she was half-blind!

I won’t describe what happened next,

but no doubt you can guess.

In the end, we had to clean

that truly horrible mess.

And so I must warn every kid

who wants to pillow fight.

For a month, once homework’s done,

you’ll vacuum every night!

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