The Grade 7 Dance

Our class’s dance was really dumb;

it was my first one ever.

And to the next one — will I go?

My answer is “Ha! NEVER!”

All the boys just ran around,

playing tag and yelling

while we girls discussed them all

and what they thought? No telling!

Later, Tara, who’s quite brave,

asked a boy to dance,

and he turned the brightest red

and, at her, did not glance.

He started swaying back and forth —

his dancing was so weird,

and as the couple strangely danced,

several kids just sneered.

When the song was at an end,

Tara left the floor,

and we girls decided then —

boys are quite a bore!

Yes, dances in the seventh grade

are just a waste of time,

but in grade eight, they might be fun

cause we’ll be in our prime!

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