Bruce – the Mouthy Mouse

Bruce was quite a mouthy mouse

who tried to tease the cat.

The other mice all said that Bruce

was just a little brat.

The cat, of course, agreed with them,

but he didn’t really care.

While Bruce called him some nasty names,

the cat would only stare.

He stared at Bruce and even smiled,

so Bruce did harder try

to anger that old pussycat —

yes, Bruce was quite the guy.

Eventually, Bruce had to stop

because his mom yelled, “Dinner”,

and cause the cat did not get mad,

his cool made him the winner.

But Bruce looked stupid as could be;

he looked just like a fool,

so if you run into a Bruce,

just smile and play it cool.

7 thoughts on “Bruce – the Mouthy Mouse

  1. Bruce got off the hook easy that time. I’ve seen a few in my time but have tried not to be one as I don’t like to be injured, lol. Poor Bruce will shoot off his mouth one too many times…

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