Piano Lessons

I wanted to take lessons

and play our piano well

with “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

and “Farmer in the Dell”.

And so my mother got me

a teacher named Miss Dunn,

but now I’m s’posed to practice

and practicing’s no fun.

Miss Dunn says, “Curve your fingers.”

Miss Dunn says, “Count each bar.”

But what she’s really teaching me is

I’m no music star!

I’ll try to play a “C” note,

and only find the “D”.

When aiming for an “F” note,

I’m sure to strike an “E”.

And so my songs sound awful.

My brother plugs his ears,

and I don’t really blame him,

cause I know what he hears.

Mom says I can’t quit lessons

until I’ve done a year,

and so I’ve now ruined many songs

that I once held quite dear.

Yes, when this year is over,

and lessons are long gone,

if I want some music,

I’ll put a CD on.

7 thoughts on “Piano Lessons

  1. Very clever poem. I never had the patience to learn anything better than the comb-and-wax-paper-kazoo and I was no great shakes at that. It can be painful to listen to the practice but my granddaughter did really well after some encouragement and she sounds pretty good now.

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    1. Thank you, Herb. I’m able to play the piano poorly! My son, however, is a professional jazz musician in NYC, and he would practice scales for hours and hours and hours when he was growing up. (Jeff McGregor YouTube 😊)

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