The Lonely Meatball


I’ve heard a lot of rumours bout people at my school. My mom says, “Don’t believe them cause rumours often fool.” I’ve heard that Jenny Matthews studies through the night, and that’s the only reason she always gets things right. I’ve heard that Peter Temple thinks that he can fly, and, I mean, without aContinue reading “Rumours”

I Hate Hiccups

One day, after gulping down a big tuna fish sandwich, I got the hiccups. Hiccup! Hiccup! I hate hiccups! ”Breathe into this bag,” my mother said, so I did. I breathed, and breathed, and breathed. No hiccups! Obviously, I’d trapped them in the bag. I threw the bag into the garbage, but then – hiccup!Continue reading “I Hate Hiccups”

Jimmy the Poet

Jimmy is a poet, who loves to write haiku, but when it comes to other forms, he really has no clue. Limericks he cannot write as words he cannot rhyme, and when it comes to longer forms, he says he can’t make time. His haikus make him happy, but need a little fix. The troubleContinue reading “Jimmy the Poet”