The Lonely Meatball

Cards With Fred

Last night my parents tucked me in and said no monster hid in my closet or my drawers, and so “Good night” they bid. As I settled down to sleep, I thought I heard a sound. T’was down beneath my double bed — I froze first — then I frowned. My closet and my drawersContinue reading “Cards With Fred”

The Trampoline

Dennis had a trampoline which really was a shame, and maybe, when I think of it, his parents were to blame. They knew their boy was quite a brat and reckless as could be, so giving him a trampoline was dumb — you must agree. Of course, the boy jumped far too high and landedContinue reading “The Trampoline”

Canadian Spring

It’s snowing really hard right now, this twenty-fourth of May, and cause the weather is so bad, outside I just can’t play. I should be on my bike right now or fishing at the lake. This rotten snow storm really is just more than I can take. I should be playing baseball or swimming atContinue reading “Canadian Spring”