The Lonely Meatball

Mom’s Garage Sale

Right now my mom is standing inside the open door, and all our old junk’s sitting on tables and the floor. She’s labeled every item with price tags — every one! She’s charging twenty-five cents for my old plastic gun. Old brooms, old hats, old rubber boots, each one will cost a buck, and maybeContinue reading “Mom’s Garage Sale”

Getting Even

Buried in our freezer beneath some frozen steak is my container full of snow which now, today, I’ll take. Of course, I’ll make some snowballs to throw at brother Bart. He needs to learn, for once and all, he’s really not that smart. He nailed me with some snowballs and so did his friend, Dean,Continue reading “Getting Even”


Miss Clarkson is my teacher and really is quite nice. Her classroom’s been the best place ever since she brought those mice. We named the fat mouse Henry; the skinny one is Phil. Then Henry had those babies, so now we call him Jill.