The Lonely Meatball

The Powerful Lesson

Edward went to sleep one night and he began to dream he was a mighty dinosaur that made folks run and scream! Yes, being large and powerful seemed nothing short of great, but Edward was a tiny mouse so he could not relate. But then, one day, that tiny mouse, much to his surprise, walkedContinue reading “The Powerful Lesson”

Charlie the Mumbler

Charlie always mumbled, which drove his mother crazy. “Speak clearly,” she would yell. “The way you talk is lazy!” “Mumble,” he’d retort, but who knows what he said, and his mom would sigh and simply shake her head. At school, he would mumble when answering Miss Moore, who’d smile and nod and think, her hearingContinue reading “Charlie the Mumbler”

My Slow Dog

I really think my dog is slow, and now I’ll tell you how I know. Spotty just won’t chase his ball — with it, he won’t play at all. And if, for him, I throw a stick, he doesn’t seem to care a lick. He only gives his tail a wag, while “Chase it! ChaseContinue reading “My Slow Dog”