The Lonely Meatball


Rules really get me down; they make my life a drag, ‘cause rules make the grown-ups tense, and make the grown-ups nag. Say “please” and “thanks” and “pardon me”; chew quietly as able. Don’t ever stare at other folks; no elbows on the table. At school, walk and never run; in class, don’t talk withContinue reading “Rules”


I’m watering the garden on orders from my dad. I’m soaking all the carrots and really feeling glad. The water’s like a sabre I’m flashing high and low, and while the sun is shining, the water sure does glow. But now I see my sister who’s with her stupid friend who always looks at meContinue reading “Revenge”

Babysitting Ted

Last night I went to babysit a little boy named Ted, and everything went really well ‘til I said, “Time for bed.” Ted looked at me and shouted, “No!” and then ran from the room. I called his name, got no response — my mood, now one of gloom. To the kitchen I then wentContinue reading “Babysitting Ted”