The Lonely Meatball

My Secret

My folks will sure be angry when I tell them the truth. In fact, they’ll be so angry, I know they’ll hit the roof. They’ll disconnect my TV because I broke their trust. I wish I could avoid this, but tell them — now I must! Last night, just after supper, my dad said, “GuessContinue reading “My Secret”

Other Things #5 – Poemlet #2

“Turtle in My Tub” There’s a turtle in my tub – don’t know who put it there, but that turtle in my tub, sure gave me quite a scare. Perhaps I should be happy. Perhaps I’ve had a break, cause whoever put that turtle there might also own a snake!

My Monkey

I wish I owned a monkey; I know that we’d have fun. He’d be just like a brother; my folks could call him “Son”. We’d watch TV together; my homework we’d both do. We’d play my favourite board games — Monopoly and Clue. I’d let him wear my t-shirts; we’d skateboard everyday. I’m sure whateverContinue reading “My Monkey”