The Biggest Tooth

I was really mad today

and here’s the reason why.

The Tooth Fairly just didn’t show up

and that sure made me cry.

The biggest tooth I ever grew

fell out right after dinner,

and since that darn tooth was so big,

I knew I had a winner.

I’d thought of all the stuff I’d buy

which really made me glad,

but since that fairy didn’t pay up,

this morning I was mad.

But now, I have a lot of cash

because I’m sure not dumb.

That crazy fairy missed her chance —

I sold my tooth to Mom!

Other Things #19 – Poemlet #13


Norman had to mow the lawn

until he cut the cord.

“You must be more responsible!”

was what his father roared.

Then Norman had to pull some weeds;

ten minutes felt like hours.

“You must be more responsible,”

said Mom, “You’ve pulled the flowers!”

Norman’s irresponsible,

but this fact makes him smirk.

His irresponsibility

saves him a lot of work.

“Our Bad Puppy”

Benny’s our new puppy,

and he’s been really bad.

While watching him this morning,

I went to help my dad.

That puppy went just crazy,

all throughout our home,

cause I forgot to pen him,

so what he did was roam.

He went into the family room

and pooed right on the floor

and that was not the worst of it —

there really was much more.

He chewed my mother’s slippers!

He chewed my sister’s doll!

And my brother’s baseball mitt!

And that wasn’t all!

He went into the kitchen

and chewed a flour bag.

The flour got just everywhere

that puppy’s tail did wag!

In the main floor bathroom,

the toilet paper roll

was chewed into a massive pile

beside the toilet bowl.

Now my family’s angry

and I get all the blame,

but when it comes to Benny,

they love him just the same!

After all the yelling,

I told my parents that

from here on in I only plan

to supervise our cat.

The Bad Haircut

I got a haircut yesterday

and now I wear a cap.

The barber seemed to lose his mind —

his barber chair, my trap!

I said, “Just take a little off.”

He said, “Okay, will do.”

So on my phone, I played a game

and didn’t, the process, view.

At last the man said, “I’m all done”,

and I looked at his mirrors.

My chin was wobbling as I paid,

and I fought back my tears.

I’ve been real mad since yesterday

cause I know I look dumb,

so next time I go for a trim,

I’m going to take my mom!

Other Things #18 – Poemlet #12

“The Easy Choice”

I’d really like to be a clown

and dress in silly clothes.

I’d like to wear those great big shoes

and wear a big, red nose.

Yes, circus life sure looks like fun

and for it I do hanker,

or maybe I’ll be like my dad

and end up as a banker.

I said, “The choice will not be hard!”

Mom said, “That’s really great!”

I said, “The circus seems the best.”

Mom said, “That’s cause you’re eight.”

The Camping Trip

My family had a camping trip,

but things did not go well.

It was a first for all of us

as anyone could tell.

No doubt it would have been quite fun —

had there been no storm,

and had the tent not sprung a leak,

and if it had been warm.

No doubt we would have cooked our meal

over burning wood,

had my father brought his torch —

it would have tasted good.

No doubt we would have gotten sleep,

had there been no rain,

and my sister would have done

more than just complain.

No doubt we just imagined things —

there probably was no bear.

There probably was no big bad wolf

whose howl caused quite a scare.

No doubt, except for all these things,

it would have been a blast,

yet when it comes to camping trips,

no doubt that is our last.

Alphabetical Seating

In Mrs. Rose’s classroom,

each year it’s just the same.

According to the alphabet

each student sits by name.

Matt Bower is the lucky guy

who sits by Becky Cross.

Stan Stewart whispers through the day

to pretty Maggie Ross.

Sarah Grayson gets to sit

with her friend, Sally Glass,

and Mrs. Rose just never sees

the notes they always pass.

Ronald Leeman smuggles gum

behind to Larry Mann.

It’s just another reason why

I hate this seating plan.

The final row is where I’m stuck

with stupid Cameron Whit,

who is the biggest reason why

I hate the place I sit.

He always whispers when he reads

and sneezes lots each day,

and sometimes when he talks to me,

I feel a little spray.

I know he’s really not so bad

and I’m just being mean,

but it’s because I want to sit

with my friend, Tommy Green.

There’s someone who I long to meet

and punch right in the nose

because he taught the alphabet

so well to Mrs. Rose.

Other Things #17 – Poemlet #11


I like my toes, I really do!

I also like my fingers too.

In fact, there’s not a part of me

that needs to change, from what I see.

Because of this, I cannot say,

“improvement” is my goal today.

Do something — yes, I really should,

because I’m sure — it will be good!

New Neighbours

We got new neighbours yesterday,

but none of them I’ve seen.

My sister, Molly, said she has

and she said that they’re green.

I told my mom what Molly said;

she laughed and said, “No way!”

But Molly sure looked serious,

so I went out to play.

Out in the yard, I played around,

but really tried to spy

on those green neighbours cause, you see,

Molly said, “No lie!”

Out in their yard, I spied some things

that made me stop and drool.

They have a great big trampoline!

They have a great big pool!

They have a great big fuzzy dog —

real friendly and not mean,

so I’ve decided, at this point,

my favourite colour’s green.

Blue Hair

My sister dyed her hair blue,

when Mom went out to shop.

Her timing was just perfect —

no one could make her stop.

Once dyed, she sat there staring

at all her long, blue hair,

and when I saw my sister,

I too began to stare.

The day will get exciting,

I know — when Mom returns.

Mom really will be angry!

In me — excitement burns!

You see, I am the off-spring

who usually causes grief,

but now my blue-haired sister

is giving me relief.

My mother will be focussed

upon that hair so blue,

and so she might not notice

what I’d not meant to do.

Today, I broke a big lamp,

then lots of glue I spilled,

so now I’m sure you understand

why blue hair has me thrilled.