Popping Popcorn

Popcorn’s an exciting treat and popping it is quite a feat. Kernels in the popper go, where heating them is rather slow. But then – KABOOM! KABANG! KAPOW! I watch the kernels and think ”Wow!” Their transformation is a sight from hard and gold to soft and white. I then eat popcorn really fast causeContinue reading “Popping Popcorn”

Other Things #2 – You Won’t See This One Coming!!

When you look back over your past, you have a collection of isolated moments, and some shine more brightly because they are the memories you’ve shared a number of times. The story of Darlene and haiku poetry is one of my favourite memories because no one can ever see ”the punchline” coming. I had onlyContinue reading “Other Things #2 – You Won’t See This One Coming!!”

Mom’s Garage Sale

Right now my mom is standing inside the open door, and all our old junk’s sitting on tables and the floor. She’s labeled every item with price tags — every one! She’s charging twenty-five cents for my old plastic gun. Old brooms, old hats, old rubber boots, each one will cost a buck, and maybeContinue reading “Mom’s Garage Sale”