She Just Stared

Mary, at her sister, stared. At Mary, her big sister glared. “Stop staring! Listen! Do you hear? You’re staring makes me feel so queer!” But Mary smirked and she just stared, and so her sister’s temper flared. “Stop it! Right now! I’ll go mad! It’s really making me feel bad!” But Mary smirked and sheContinue reading “She Just Stared”

Hocus-pocus Pon

Melvin the Magician came to our class last week, and from his hat he pulled a toad which we all thought was neat. Next, he said some magic words, “Hocus-pocus pon!” And right before our very eyes — that poor old toad was gone! I’ve memorized his magic words, “Hocus-pocus pon!” And doubtless, I’ll soonContinue reading “Hocus-pocus Pon”