The Accidents

My brother Eric’s learning

to drive the family car,

and here’s the list of accidents

that he has had so far.

He smashed into the garbage cans,

they rolled right down the lane

and scattered garbage everywhere,

so neighbours did complain.

And then there was the afternoon

the car went for a swim,

cause Eric drove into the lake —

the damage was quite grim.

Just yesterday the accident

was sure something to see.

My brother made the family car

climb halfway up a tree.

Yes, accidents will happen;

bad luck will surely strike.

That’s why my parents, just today,

bought Eric a new bike!

2 thoughts on “The Accidents

  1. I’m not so sure that getting Eric out of a car and onto a bike is the best plan. I mean, with a car, this accident-prone kid is surrounded with metal, kinda like a suit of armor. Which reminds me: aren’t a disproportionate number of your starring kids accident prone? Just wondering. . . .


    1. I just checked back through the titles, and I have to disagree about a disproportionate number of the kids being accident prone. However, a disproportionate number of the kids are definitely “brats”. Also, you now have me worrying about Eric!


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