The Worst Valentine’s Day

I knew Jane stole a valentine to me from Douglas Ryan, and when I asked her for it back, that’s when she started lyin’. She said, “I never touched that thing. Why would you think I had?” I knew that she was lying, so I started getting mad! “I know you did. You needn’t lie.”Continue reading “The Worst Valentine’s Day”

Regrets (Contemplating a Letter to Santa)

Last night I just couldn’t get to sleep. I tossed and turned all night, cause Santa Claus is coming soon, which fills me with great fright. You see, I’ve done some things this year that now — I sure regret, and thinking of those things I’ve done is making me now fret. I think I’llContinue reading “Regrets (Contemplating a Letter to Santa)”

A Letter to Santa

My sister wrote to Santa Claus because of things I’ve done. She thinks I’ll make his “naughty list”. I think those things were fun. I squirted her with water and I scared her really bad. She said I wasn’t funny and just got really mad! And so she wrote her letter, and mailed it thatContinue reading “A Letter to Santa”