My Brother Ate a Worm Last Night

My brother ate a worm last night which really made me cry. I thought because he ate that worm that he would surely die. And if he died, I knew for sure that I would be to blame, cause when he said he’d eat a worm I really mocked his claim. I said, “There’s noContinue reading “My Brother Ate a Worm Last Night”

I Really Love Potato Chips

I really love potato chips. I love them with all kinds of dips. Garlic, dill, and cheesy cheese are assured to always please. On cereal, I’ll drop some chips (and when I do, my mother flips). At lunch, the rippled chip is best — it holds more dip I do attest. At dinner, chips goContinue reading “I Really Love Potato Chips”

My Brother’s April Fools’ Day

On April 1st, my brother, Fred, couldn’t believe what I had said. I’d said that if the wind was right, even trucks could be in flight. “Of course,” I said, “it is the truth; a truck could land right on our roof. Even cows can fly around.” Now my brother really frowned. “It’s April 1st,”Continue reading “My Brother’s April Fools’ Day”