My Brother’s April Fools’ Day

On April 1st, my brother, Fred,

couldn’t believe what I had said.

I’d said that if the wind was right,

even trucks could be in flight.

“Of course,” I said, “it is the truth;

a truck could land right on our roof.

Even cows can fly around.”

Now my brother really frowned.

“It’s April 1st,” he said to me,

“and what you say just cannot be.

Trucks and cows sure cannot fly!

I’m not a fool — I know you lie!”

“I know I’m right,” I said with glee,

“but why not make a bet with me.

A bag of chips will be the pay.”

He shook my hand without delay.

On April 1st, dear Fred did learn

tornados are a real concern.

I knew he’d doubt me on that day,

and that the chips he’d have to pay!

This was first posted last April Fool’s Day! (Don’t be surprised if you see it once again a year from now.😊)

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