About me…. A.J.McGregor

I am an English teacher and children’s poet. In 2001, The New Toe: Poems to tickle your funnybone was published. It was amazing how the book happened because I hadn’t sent my work off to a publisher. A young woman with whom I was teaching a summer writing workshop asked me if she could show some of my poems to a publisher and an illustrator and it all went from there. Because of the book, Chirp, an international children’s magazine, twice commissioned me to write a poem.

I wrote a great many poems for a few years, and I had hoped to get a manuscript, called The Lonely Meatball, published. However, I was too busy being an English teacher, mother, and wife to get serious about sending out my work, and I also quit writing poetry.

And then something happened to us all…

I am presently doing what the majority of people on this planet are doing — I’m self-isolating. The Lonely Meatball Blog is my attempt to have fun during a frightening time, and I hope some people will find this blog and it will make them smile — during the Covid 19 Pandemic — and after. I suspect that when life returns to normal, we all will have a greater understanding of what’s important, and that knowledge will help us be kinder, gentler people.


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