The Worst Valentine’s Day

I knew Jane stole a valentine to me from Douglas Ryan, and when I asked her for it back, that’s when she started lyin’. She said, “I never touched that thing. Why would you think I had?” I knew that she was lying, so I started getting mad! “I know you did. You needn’t lie.”Continue reading “The Worst Valentine’s Day”

The Christmas Concert

The Christmas concert sure was fun though Miss Blake’s still upset. Because so many things went wrong, she’s not recovered yet. The truth is Clarence is a pain so got what he deserved, and since that evening, Clarence has been thoroughly unnerved. Clarence Henry was the star of Miss Blake’s Christmas play. She said hisContinue reading “The Christmas Concert”

A Poet’s Life

I’m trying hard to write a poem but now my brain is numb. You see, I’m having trouble rhyming “neighbour’s cat” with “glum”. “Cat” and “glum” just will not rhyme which really makes me tense, cause if I choose some other words, my poem will make no sense. Today we have to share our poemsContinue reading “A Poet’s Life”