The Riot at the North Pole

The elves were working overtime and all were getting tense, and that’s the reason all of them just seemed to lose all sense. It’s hard to say what lit the spark that made the elves explode, but all lost tempers, all at once, and angry words just flowed. Tim called Bob a little jerk, andContinue reading “The Riot at the North Pole”

Our Kitten Climbed the Christmas Tree

Our kitten climbed the Christmas tree, and then he just went mad, batting lights and ornaments. That kitten sure was bad! He chewed some tinsel, ruining it, but we couldn’t reach the brat, and so his rampage just went on while Mom kept screaming, “Scat!” Soon he reached the angel’s branch, the topper on ourContinue reading “Our Kitten Climbed the Christmas Tree”