Waiting for Santa

For Santa Claus I’m waiting here

crouched down behind this chair,

cause never having met him

is just more than I can bear.

I have so many questions ‘bout

Rudolph and the team;

if I don’t get some answers soon,

I know that I will scream.

I want to know how reindeer fly!

I want to know how fast!

I want to know how they can see

if skies are overcast!

I want to know how long they sleep

once they have made their trip!

I want to know why, from a roof,

their little hooves don’t slip!

I’m yawning now and kind of tired —

I think I’ll rest my head,

but I won’t go to sleep because

I ————-

7 thoughts on “Waiting for Santa

      1. I’m watching Santa on the radar right now (Dec 24, 9:23 AM our time). He’s over Russia!

        Hope your Christmas season is as magic as Santa and your New Year – well, I think each day is what we make of it, not what is assigned to you us by the outside world.


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