Math’s No Fun

My teacher is the strangest one

cause she says math is really fun.

She smiles when adding on the board

just like each number is adored.

In lots of ways, I think it’s sad

her sense of fun is just so bad.

Three plus three and eight plus eight

are no fun —I’d sooner skate.

I’d sooner play some basketball.

I’d sooner walk around a mall.

I’d sooner watch a TV show.

I’d sooner play outside in snow.

I’d sooner never have to add.

Subtraction makes me just feel bad.

Division is the worst thing yet,

and multiplying — I don’t get!

“To each his own,” my mother said,

but still math makes me scratch my head.

I’m sure most people think like me;

“Math’s no fun,” they would agree.

Possibly, my teacher’s not

as crazy as I’ve maybe thought.

About this, I suspect I’m right.

She’s said she bowls on Friday night.

12 thoughts on “Math’s No Fun

  1. Hmmm…Well, somebody must find math interesting. They still hire teachers for it. The only reason I know anything about math at all is that I had one very strict teacher who enforced the rules and double-checked homework. It was the best math grade I ever got (a “C” I think) but I didn’t like it and didn’t want to do it.

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  2. Love it. I was always good at Maths. When I got stuck my Mom would teach me. Problem was she left school at 12 to go off to work, so when it came to decimals and fractions she was out of her depth. Memories just came back of me struggling with my homework

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    1. Math was just about the end of me. One of the great ironies in my life is that, in my first year of teaching, I had to teach grade 8 remedial math to students who struggled with math. It’s a good thing the parents didn’t know my history.


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