A Poet’s Life

I’m trying hard to write a poem

but now my brain is numb.

You see, I’m having trouble

rhyming “neighbour’s cat” with “glum”.

“Cat” and “glum” just will not rhyme

which really makes me tense,

cause if I choose some other words,

my poem will make no sense.

Today we have to share our poems

and so I’m out of time,

yet if I make this poem make sense,

they’ll say, “It doesn’t rhyme!”

But if I now rhyme “cat” with “rat”

and then rhyme “glum” with “plum”,

the kids will say, “It makes no sense”,

and so they’ll think I’m dumb.

Words are really stubborn things

and have to get their way.

A poet’s life must sure be hard,

just fighting words all day.

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