Young Love

I really know that I’m in love,

even though I’m eight,

cause when I see her smile and laugh,

the whole world sure feels great.

She’s at school every day,

and every day we talk,

and at recess, I don’t play —

with her, I’d sooner walk.

Someday when I’m old enough,

I’ll marry her, I know,

cause I can tell she loves me too —

her smile sure tells me so.

And until then, I’ll study hard,

so my goals I’ll reach,

cause Mrs. Stewart, my true love,

sure knows how to teach!

6 thoughts on “Young Love

  1. Oh, yes…Teachers can make you feel so special.
    The other day my 6-year-old grandson called his mom by his teacher’s name and he said sometimes accidentally calls his teacher “Mom.” She told him it’s okay because she’s doing her job.

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    1. I’ve heard of kids calling the teacher “mom” and I think it’s so cute. I’ve only taught junior and senior high, so that mistake doesn’t happen often in those grades. I don’t think I ever had it happen.

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      1. Well, probably not but I can tell you the two greatest teachers I ever had were my ninth and tenth grade English teachers. I didn’t have a crush on them, though I loved them.

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