The Lemonade Stand

Jamie said that we’d have fun

and make a lot of money.

My sister said our plans were dumb

and laughed and called us funny.

We planned to sell some lemonade

for fifty cents a cup.

My mother helped us made a jug

and things were looking up.

A card table and kitchen chairs

were set up on our lawn.

We talked about the things we’d buy

when lemonade was gone.

Jamie said he’d buy a bike.

I planned to buy a cat,

and as we planned quite happily,

the lemonade just sat.

Finally, a man walked by,

the first to pay the price,

and as he drank the lemonade,

he said it tasted nice.

We told him all about our plans.

He laughed and said, “That’s great!”

He left – we sold a little more.

Our plans were not our fate.

Jamie said that he was bored

and didn’t need a bike.

I knew I didn’t need a cat –

we have a dog named Spike.

The total money that we made,

my mother said was dandy,

and then we went down to the store

and spent it all on candy!

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