The Letter To Santa

My sister wrote to Santa Claus because of things I’ve done. She thinks I’ll make his “naughty list”. I think those things were fun. I squirted her with water and I scared her really bad. She said I wasn’t funny and just got really mad! And so she wrote her letter, and mailed it thatContinue reading “The Letter To Santa”

Popping Popcorn

Popcorn’s an exciting treat and popping it is quite a feat. Kernels in the popper go, where heating them is rather slow. But then – KABOOM! KABANG! KAPOW! I watch the kernels and think ”Wow!” Their transformation is a sight from hard and gold to soft and white. I then eat popcorn really fast causeContinue reading “Popping Popcorn”

Bruce – the Mouthy Mouse

Bruce was quite a mouthy mouse who tried to tease the cat. The other mice all said that Bruce was just a little brat. The cat, of course, agreed with them, but he didn’t really care. While Bruce called him some nasty names, the cat would only stare. He stared at Bruce and even smiled,Continue reading “Bruce – the Mouthy Mouse”