Birthday Party Drama

My birthday was just yesterday, and now I’m finally eight. My birthday party was okay, but it sure wasn’t great. My mother hired Sam the Clown, a really funny guy, but clowns just freak out Sarah Jones, and that girl sure can cry. And then I fought with Henry Brown who is a little creep.Continue reading “Birthday Party Drama”

Sitting in This Tree

I’ve climbed this tree in our back yard against my mother’s wishes. The reason is she says I must wash and dry the dishes. She says since I am growing up I need to learn to work. Then something made me really mad — my little sister’s smirk! “It isn’t fair!” I shrieked too loud,Continue reading “Sitting in This Tree”

Sally’s First Laundry Day

Sally thought she’d do a wash while Mom was in the yard planting all the vegetables. Sal thought it wouldn’t be hard. She threw in dirty clothes she found, some blue, some red, some white, and several other colours. She’d wash them with delight. On the washer she read dials and made the water “hot”.Continue reading “Sally’s First Laundry Day”