The Nightmare

I had a nightmare late last night

that two men stole my dog,

and when I went and looked for him,

all I could see was fog.

The fog was just so thick and dense

that nothing could I see.

Then round my legs I felt a rope,

so now I wasn’t free.

The men that stole my dearest friend

soon had me all tied up.

I pleaded with them, “Let me go,

and give me back my pup!”

They laughed at me and disappeared,

and cause I was so bound,

I really could not move at all,

nor could I look around.

My heart was racing in that dream,

and it was filled with pain.

Then suddenly — I woke right up

though foggy was my brain.

I felt relief in great big waves,

but still, I was all bound

cause sleeping right on top of me

was Jack, my crazy hound!

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