The Bad Joke

My dog is sitting in our car,

and I can tell he’s mad.

His tail is sure not wagging

which means he isn’t glad.

I’d thought it would be funny

to play a little joke,

and so I’d hollered “Car, car!”

My sleeping dog awoke.

His tail began a-wagging,

just like I knew it would,

so in the driveway by the car

the two of us soon stood.

I opened up the car door,

and Henry jumped inside,

and then I started laughing

and called him to my side.

But Henry wasn’t budging.

His tail no longer wagged.

“Come here, Boy! We’ll go inside,”

I whined before I nagged.

So now my folks are mad at me

and said that it was bad

to get poor Henry all worked up

then make poor Henry sad.

And so they have decided,

and I’ll admit I cried

cause extra chores I now must do

while Henry gets a ride.

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