Other Things #28 – I’m Checking Out for Awhile

I’m going to be taking a little time off from my blog because, at this point, I don’t want to have any deadlines at all. I’m Type A to the point that I have to post once a week, my commitment to myself, or I won’t be happy because even self-imposed deadlines have the ability to cause me stress.

My life has been increasingly difficult for several months because last summer, I was diagnosed with advance osteoarthritis in both of my hips. I was stunned since I hadn’t been feeling pain in my hips, and still don’t, for the most part. My family doctor suggested that he refer me to a surgeon so I could get on the list for hip replacements as I would be needing them, and it can take a while to even see a surgeon, let alone have the operation.

Within a few weeks of the referral, I was sitting in the surgeon’s office, and he told me that he was putting me on the “urgent” list. Once more, I was stunned. I didn’t feel “urgent” — just awkward. I could have had my operation soon after that, but I told the medical people that I wanted to finish my school semester and have the operation in the spring when I had several months off.

I got through the semester well enough, and I’m happy that I waited, but I have started walking with a cane and climbing the staircase to the second floor is becoming quite a challenge.

I have now been given a surgery date of May 2. I’m thrilled that I’m finally going to have the operation because I do want to get on with it so that I will be doing well by the fall when I’ll return to school. Most of all, I want to be able to walk with ease and climb stairs. Both hips will be done in the same operation, unless the doctor decides to do only one. I’m a healthy type, more or less, so I expect that all will be well and both hips will be done at once.

After the operation, naturally, there will be a number of weeks of unpleasant recovery, but I’m feeling grateful that I’m living at a time when hip replacement surgery is commonplace. I’m also thankful that Canada has the healthcare system it does have and that I don’t have to worry about the cost of any of it. I’m thankful I have a husband who has been helping me as much as he can and will do all that he can to help me after surgery. I’m thankful for the daily phone support of my sister who lives in Vancouver, and I’m thankful for the support system I have from my many good friends.

When I’m through all the “drama of recovery” and I feel up to facing deadlines, I’ll get back to blogging. I hope I’ll be able to write some poetry as I’m recovering, and I’ll doubtless be reading your blogs. I greatly appreciate that you take the time to read The Lonely Meatball which is why I’ve filled you in on what’s been happening in my life and will be happening soon. So, until we meatball again! (I know that’s pathetic, but I couldn’t stop myself.)

10 thoughts on “Other Things #28 – I’m Checking Out for Awhile

  1. Wow! Well, it will be my loss, of course, but it sounds like it will be a really great thing in the long term. Prayers for you and I will have you in my WP Reader so when you do come back I should know. Otherwise please let me know when you’re back. Good luck, best wishes, and prayers.

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    1. I greatly appreciate your kind words and your prayers most of all. You’ll know when I’m back for sure. It’s going to be wonderful to get back to normal life eventually which includes blogging.

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  2. You could have a new book of poems “The New Hips” by the time you are fully recovered Jeannie. Best of luck to you, and may the operation go smoothly.

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    1. Still not much pain, but I don’t walk well so I need the cane. It’s strange I don’t have pain for the most part because the surgeon said it’s “bone on bone” in both hips, and that was in October.


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