The Fish Tank

We have a fish tank in our house;

it’s in my father’s den.

I watch my father feed those fish

just every now and then.

They eat, they swim, they eat some more,

that’s all they ever do.

What makes my father love those fish —

I haven’t got a clue.

They don’t fetch him the paper.

They can’t play ball or hunt.

They never lick him on the hand.

He can’t teach them a stunt.

He cannot take them for a walk.

They won’t sleep on his bed.

They never wag their tails at him

when they have been well-fed.

My dad’s fish are plain boring,

yes, each and every one.

I guess my father’s boring too

if he thinks fish are fun.

6 thoughts on “The Fish Tank

  1. But fish are so pretty! For example, I want that pink one! Furthermore, if they don’t work out, you can just eat ’em!


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