Mr. Jolly

All the kids along our street

are glad as they can be,

cause mean old Mr. Jolly

we no longer have to see.

You’d think a man named Jolly

would be happy and great fun,

but anytime he showed his face,

all we kids would run.

He is the meanest man alive

and kids sure make him mad,

and he objected to whatever

seemed to make us glad.

If a ball rolled near his yard,

that ball was seen no more,

for Jolly’d race and get the ball,

then slam his big front door.

He has a big, mean dog, named Butch,

who frightens girls and boys,

and would appear and bark at us

whenever we made noise.

When Mr. Jolly moved away,

I thanked the stars above,

until I heard that he had sold

his house to Mr. Love!

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