I Really Love Potato Chips

I really love potato chips. I love them with all kinds of dips. Garlic, dill, and cheesy cheese are assured to always please. On cereal, I’ll drop some chips (and when I do, my mother flips). At lunch, the rippled chip is best — it holds more dip I do attest. At dinner, chips goContinue reading “I Really Love Potato Chips”

Popping Popcorn

Popcorn’s an exciting treat and popping it is quite a feat. Kernels in the popper go, where heating them is rather slow. But then – KABOOM! KABANG! KAPOW! I watch the kernels and think ”Wow!” Their transformation is a sight from hard and gold to soft and white. I then eat popcorn really fast causeContinue reading “Popping Popcorn”