Special Chicken

We went to a restaurant,

my family and I,

Mother, Dad, and sister Kim —

our waiter’s name was Guy.

Soon Guy brought us our menus;

each once was like a book,

so over every menu page

did I begin to look.

I searched and stared but couldn’t decide

what I was going to eat.

My family had decided;

their order was complete.

I took ten extra minutes,

til everyone was ticked,

but this meal was to be

the best I’d ever picked.

Mom said, “Choose a burger.”

My dad agreed with Mom.

“I want something new,” I said.

My sister said, “You’re dumb.”

I wanted “Special Chicken”;

it sounded really good,

but it was quite expensive —

at last Dad said I could.

When Guy had finally served us,

I sampled mine with haste

and leaned back with a happy smile,

despite the awful taste!

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