The Gumball

Too lazy to dispose of gum

into the garbage bin,

I’ve swallowed each and every hunk;

I thought it was no sin.

Now, today, I’ve heard some news

that has me quite upset.

Doug said if you swallow gum,

it’s something you’ll regret.

His mother told him yesterday

the swallowed gum of years

will form a big ball deep inside —

the root of all my fears!

The gumball, after many years,

will take up too much space,

so in the tummy, swallowed food

will sadly find no place.

“You’ll starve to death!” Doug exclaimed.

“Mom said there’s just no doubt,

and so, of course, the doctor has to

cut that gumball out!”

I’ve changed my ways! It’s not too late!

I’m sure there’s still some room

in my tummy for some food,

so starving’s not my doom!

I’ve pledged to swallow gum no more —

Doug gave me quite a scare.

From here on in, I’ll always stick

my gum beneath my chair!

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