Roller Skates

Tommy got some roller skates

and slapped them on his feet.

He rolled outside and looked around —

these roller skates were neat!

He rolled up to the front yard gate

and opened it with glee.

Skating down the street, he knew,

would make him feel quite free.

To the corner he did skate

with underwhelming skill,

then turned the corner, and too late —

he spied the downward hill!

He didn’t have the skill to stop,

so down the hill he swept.

Everyone who saw him pass

screamed and yelled and wept.

But Tommy was a lucky guy

because he hit a bump.

It launched him up into the air

much like a skier’s jump.

Tommy fell into a tree

and upside down he hung.

He’s really not a stupid guy —

the trouble is he’s young.

That’s why what Tommy learned that day

is if you want a thrill —

buckle up your roller skates

and find yourself a hill!


I’ve grown three inches, maybe four,

and now I’m really sad.

The reason is my favourite shirt

now looks too short and bad.

Mom says tomorrow we will shop

and so I’ll have new clothes.

She says I’ll be a whole new boy

from my head to my toes.

And so tonight, I lie in bed

and know I’m growing tall,

and dressed Big Teddy in my shirt

cause inside — I’m still small.

The Spy

One Tuesday, as I lay in bed,

about to go to sleep,

I heard a voice that called my name,

a voice quite soft and deep.

“Hey, Pete,” it said, “are you awake?

I have to go outside.”

I was so startled by the voice,

my impulse was to hide.

But there before me was my dog,

two inches from my nose.

It was so strange to hear him talk,

I couldn’t move — I froze.

“Please let me out so I don’t pee

right on your bedroom floor.”

He looked so desperate, I got up,

and we rushed to the door.

After that, Butch talked a lot;

our set-up was quite neat.

He spied on people close to me —

one secret earned one treat.

And so I found out many things

about my brother, Brad,

and many of those things, I know,

sure made him look quite bad.

And so I thought I’d blackmail Brad

to make some extra cash.

If he paid up, I’d promise him,

his image I’d not trash.

My plan in place and set to go,

I went to find old Brad,

and then I overheard the words

that made me hopping mad.

“You won’t believe,” a voice did say,

“he takes his bear to bed!”

I heard my brother start to laugh

which filled me with great dread.

Today, I will not talk to Butch

because I know he lies.

He talks to Brad, which isn’t fair,

and, on me, that dog spies!

The Valentine

I knew Jane stole a valentine

to me from Douglas Ryan,

and when I asked her for it back,

that’s when she started lyin’.

She said, “I never touched that thing.

Why would you think I had?”

I knew that she was lying,

so I started getting mad!

“I know you did. You needn’t lie.”

(Her theft I hadn’t seen.)

“The reason that you took that card

is cause you’re jealous green.”

“You’re nuts,” she said, “you’re really nuts!”

while tears rolled down her cheeks,

so then I said, “Doug likes me best,

and you’ve loved him for weeks.”

The kids all took sides, one by one;

soon everyone was mad.

It was the world’s worst day of love

the world has ever had.

So when I got home with my stack

of valentines and stuff,

my mother took one look at me

and knew my day’d been rough.

Still mad about the missing card,

I slumped down in a chair,

and had a little crying jag

beneath my mother’s stare.

She crouched beside me as I cried

and then gave me a hug,

while picking up a valentine,

she softly said, “Who’s Doug?”

Drying Dishes

Dan asks to dry the dishes,

at least six times a year,

and so his mother lets him,

despite apparent fear.

With care he stands there drying;

the dear boy will not stop,

and then it finally happens —

some dishes he will drop.

“I’m sorry,” he will stammer.

“How it happened, I can’t guess.

I want to help with dishes,

and not just cause you stress.”

His mom replies, “You play now.

You are too young to dry.

Don’t worry, Son, it’s all right now —

at least you want to try.”

And so the boy then plays outside,

upon the grass so green.

His little plan has worked for years,

for now he is thirteen.

Grandpa’s Sleep

My grandpa woke up from his nap,

and now my mom is mad.

She said I meant to wake him

and really should feel bad.

I told her I had made no noise —

the noise was from my drum,

but she just sighed and said that my

excuse was really dumb.

My mom is sure a meany

who probably rides a broom!

Because she is so mad at me,

she sent me to my room.

And Grandpa made a promise

that Mom says he can’t keep.

He promised that he’d play with me

when he woke from his sleep.

The Day After Groundhog Day

It’s February third today,

and in my den I plan to stay.

I’m scared to venture out my door!

My poor, old nerves can stand no more!

On the second, yesterday,

I thought I’d go outside and play,

so from my den I happily walked —

the scene before me left me shocked!

Fifty cameras, maybe more,

flashed as I walked out my door.

“He sees his shadow!” were the cries!

I just saw spots before my eyes.

Now spots are gone, the people too!

T’was awful what they put me through!

The folks round here are dumb as rocks,

cause I’m no groundhog — I’m a fox!

Her Brand New Style

Sally’s put some make-up on,

but she is only three,

and that’s the reason for the blob

of lipstick on her knee.

That’s the reason that you see

mascara on her nose,

and the reason she now has

those multi-coloured toes.

The little brush to polish nails

sure made dear Sally smile,

so now her cheeks are cherry red —

she loves her brand new style!

Yes, Sally put some make-up on

cause she is all alone,

which will surprise her mother

when her mom gets off the phone.


Rules really get me down;

they make my life a drag,

‘cause rules make the grown-ups tense,

and make the grown-ups nag.

Say “please” and “thanks” and “pardon me”;

chew quietly as able.

Don’t ever stare at other folks;

no elbows on the table.

At school, walk and never run;

in class, don’t talk with friends.

The list of “don’ts” goes on and on;

in fact, it never ends!

There is one thing I know for sure,

a source of much regret —

it’s there is not a single rule

that I cannot forget!


I’m watering the garden

on orders from my dad.

I’m soaking all the carrots

and really feeling glad.

The water’s like a sabre

I’m flashing high and low,

and while the sun is shining,

the water sure does glow.

But now I see my sister

who’s with her stupid friend

who always looks at me and smiles

and says, “How are you, Glen?”

Those stupid girls are whispering —

I sense the subject’s me,

and now they’re really giggling

and making sure I see.

Those girls are really stupid

cause everybody knows —

a boy is sure to get revenge

if that boy has a hose.