My Brother Ate a Worm Last Night

My brother ate a worm last night

which really made me cry.

I thought because he ate that worm

that he would surely die.

And if he died, I knew for sure

that I would be to blame,

cause when he said he’d eat a worm

I really mocked his claim.

I said, “There’s no way, Chicken Boy,

I know you’d be too scared!”

“I’m not a chicken!” Tommy said,

and then he really glared.

And then he started digging dirt

and said, “I’ll find one here.

You think that I’m a Chicken Boy,

but see — I have no fear!”

“Don’t be dumb,” I said right then.

“A worm will make you die!”

But now he was determined,

and I began to cry.

And then, he found a great big worm

and brushed off all the dirt.

He said, “See, I’m no Chicken Boy,

and this won’t even hurt!”

So then, in one gulp, it was gone,

and I let out a scream,

but Tommy now just danced around

and his eyes did gleam.

Suddenly, my brother dropped

and then lay on the ground.

I knew, at once, that he was dead!

I sobbed and looked around.

I cried some more as Tommy lay

because I was to blame,

and all the guilt that I then felt

filled me full of shame!

But soon, I noticed Tommy’s smile

which meant he wasn’t dead,

and since my brother scared me so,

“I’ll get you!” I then said.

And now I’m planning what I’ll do

to make my brother pay.

A garter snake will be involved

and that’s all I will say.

9 thoughts on “My Brother Ate a Worm Last Night

    1. That’s hilarious. You know, I have a vague recollection of some insect being “bitter”. It makes me suspect that I too ate a few bugs although I don’t actually remember having done so.

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      1. lol. I’m not a big bug-eater myself but if locusts (i.e. grasshoppers) have a nutty taste then John the Baptist dipping them in wild honey kind of sounds okay.

        Liked by 1 person

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