We have a dog named Polkadot.

For short, we call him Dotty.

The reason that we call him that

is cause he’s really spotty.

Dotty loves to chase our cat,

so then we yell out “DOTTY!”

He doesn’t stop, but chases more

because that dog is naughty!

He likes to chew our socks and shoes,

and once he ate a pie,

cause Mom had left it within reach

and he’s a naughty guy.

But even though he does those things

that make my family mad,

he sure can be the sweetest dog

and make us feel so glad.

And that’s because if we feel sick,

he’ll cuddle us all day

until the illness disappears —

yes, at our side, he’ll stay.

He is the kindest little nurse

whenever we feel crappy,

and cause he will not leave our side,

our cat is also happy!

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