9 thoughts on “Other Things #11 – Poemlet #7

    1. Oh Herb….I can’t believe you resorted to the old lawnmooer joke. I’ll bet autocorrect tried to change it to mower for you just like it tried to for me just now. (I’ve got to admit, lawn mooer Is hilarious.Good one.)

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      1. It’s about 350 miles from the springs on the other side of the mountains near-ish to the Four Corners area. Over normal terrain on normal roads it would be about 7 hours. Through the mountains it would be longer. And I think that ot get there (I’m not positive) you’d have to cross the Continental Divide over Wolf Creek Pass. There was a humorous song about driving it by the same name. https://youtu.be/R-xqfqcgNAE

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