Public Speaking

I’m sitting here just waiting —

my face is hot and red.

I have to make a speech today

which fills me with great dread.

Miss Roberts will say, “Freddy,

it’s time we heard from you.”

And so I’ll shuffle to the front;

there’s nothing else to do.

My teacher says to babble

about my boring life,

or maybe talk about my dreams —

the job, the kids, the wife?

I’ll tell them I play hockey.

I’ll tell them bout my bird.

I’ll tell them I like TV.

I’ll feel just like a nerd.

For as I stand there talking,

my friend will sit and smirk

and that’s why public speaking

makes me feel like such a jerk.

I guess that I’ll survive it.

I’ll sigh when I’m all done,

and when my friend gets up to speak —

believe me — I’ll have fun!

7 thoughts on “Public Speaking

    1. Honestly, when you think about it, it’s stunning pea-shooters were ever on the market. I wonder how many kids lost eyes because of pea-shooters. I’d actually forgotten all about them


      1. What we would do was take apart a Bic pen and use the outer casing for a pea shooter. Except we would chew up tiny bits of paper and shoot those. As Lou Costello would say, “Oh! I’m a baaad boy!”


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