Other Things #17 – Poemlet #11

“Self-satisfaction” I like my toes, I really do! I also like my fingers too. In fact, there’s not a part of me that needs to change, from what I see. Because of this, I cannot say, “improvement” is my goal today. Do something — yes, I really should, because I’m sure — it will beContinue reading “Other Things #17 – Poemlet #11”

Other Things #12 – Poemlet #8

“Old Dogs” Our old dog, Chester, sits alone, and all he does is chew his bone. I hear him gnawing without end; his grinding drives me round the bend. An old dog’s job must be to chew; I guess that’s what all old dogs do. Therefore it is because of that, sometimes I wish heContinue reading “Other Things #12 – Poemlet #8”