Other Things #17 – Poemlet #11

“Self-satisfaction” I like my toes, I really do! I also like my fingers too. In fact, there’s not a part of me that needs to change, from what I see. Because of this, I cannot say, “improvement” is my goal today. Do something — yes, I really should, because I’m sure — it will beContinue reading “Other Things #17 – Poemlet #11”

The Others and Me

Nancy Jenkins always lies; Mary Saunders always cries. Billy Grover is a cheat; Andrew Sage has great, big feet. Sally Green thinks she’s just great; Doug Frey’s always running late. Danny Day, well, he’s too tall; Alice Johnson’s just too small. Larry Prichard sucks his thumb; Jackie Thompson’s really dumb. Looking round it’s plain toContinue reading “The Others and Me”