“Our Bad Puppy”

Benny’s our new puppy,

and he’s been really bad.

While watching him this morning,

I went to help my dad.

That puppy went just crazy,

all throughout our home,

cause I forgot to pen him,

so what he did was roam.

He went into the family room

and pooed right on the floor

and that was not the worst of it —

there really was much more.

He chewed my mother’s slippers!

He chewed my sister’s doll!

And my brother’s baseball mitt!

And that wasn’t all!

He went into the kitchen

and chewed a flour bag.

The flour got just everywhere

that puppy’s tail did wag!

In the main floor bathroom,

the toilet paper roll

was chewed into a massive pile

beside the toilet bowl.

Now my family’s angry

and I get all the blame,

but when it comes to Benny,

they love him just the same!

After all the yelling,

I told my parents that

from here on in I only plan

to supervise our cat.

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