Other Things 24 – Poemlet 18

“The Magic Running Shoes”

My mom bought me new runners,

and they’re the brightest blue.

I also think they’re magic —

there’s nothing they can’t do!

I’ve noticed that they make me

run faster through my days,

and when I’m playing baseball,

I make the greatest plays.

It really is exciting

to have these running shoes,

but cause they make me play so hard,

I think I’ll take a snooze.

6 thoughts on “Other Things 24 – Poemlet 18

  1. I remember getting a new pair of sneakers and feeling like I could run a hundred miles an hour. There’s a story in, I think, Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, that tells of a boy who has to have a new pair of sneakers. A cool story.

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