The Opera

Mom took me the the opera

last Saturday at eight,

and soon I did discover,

it’s something that I hate.

The singers sang in voices,

I sure thought sounded bad,

and half the time those singers,

sure looked boiling mad!

The songs were in Italian,

so who knows what they said.

Then after intermission,

a singer was found dead.

The rest sang round his body

and acted really sad,

except for one fat singer

who smiled like he was glad.

His smile upset the others,

who frowned and waved their spears,

and when I looked at my mom,

I couldn’t believe her tears!

I figured that we’d soon leave

since Mom looked so upset.

I whispered, “Are we leaving?”

She whispered, “No, not yet.”

From there, things sure got ugly.

In fact, there was a fight!

That was the only part of it

I sort of liked all night.

The singer who was so fat

fought all the guys on stage,

and all the while those guys fought,

they sang — despite their rage!

Yes, opera’s quite confusing,

and my friends say I’m right!

There’s no guy in a million years

who’d sing while in a fight!

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