The Castle

The kid next door is sitting

and playing in the sand.

He’s actually made a castle

that’s nothing short of grand.

There are so many turrets,

I cannot count them all.

I see a little cannon

with a marble cannonball.

Just yesterday this same kid

I called my closest friend,

but then we had a big fight

that never found an end.

The fight was awfully silly.

He said he shot me first.

I told him that he missed me!

He looked at me and cursed.

So now I sit here watching

him dig the castle moat,

and now I watch him making

a little seashell boat.

He’s really not a bad kid.

I see his castle’s done,

so I guess I’ll apologize —

his castle looks like fun.

5 thoughts on “The Castle

    1. That’s funny. I actually never had that thought when I wrote this. However, I understand you having that thought because I do tend to write about some real brats!


  1. And see, you’re the nice kid that didn’t even think about kicking his castle down. Very good. I’d give you a cookie if I was able but I’m sure WordPress has some to spare, though.


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