Lessons From the Beanstalk

I found some magic beans once

and planted them with glee.

I knew a beanstalk would appear

and up it, I’d soon be.

I planned to rob the giant

who lives upon a cloud.

I’d steal his magic harp and goose

and make my parents proud.

And so the giant stalk grew

which I then climbed in haste.

The harp and goose I soon snatched

and me, the giant chased.

He chased me down the beanstalk,

yelling with great might,

but soon I got to my house

and knew I’d be all right.

The harp and goose I showed Mom,

and then I showed my dad,

but much to my amazement —

neither one was glad!

“You must return those things, Jeff,

or you’ll end up in jail.

Robbing is a crime, Jeff.”

My face turned ghastly pale.

Mom marched me up the beanstalk;

I clutched the stolen goods.

Mom lectured me the whole time

that we walked through the woods.

The giant was quite gracious

and said that I would learn.

The goose and harp I gave him

and for them, I still yearn.

And so I’ve learned my lesson,

not to be a crook

and learned my parents are unlike

the parents in a book!

6 thoughts on “Lessons From the Beanstalk

      1. Oh, man. It was quite the day, for sure.
        I’m sorry you’re having trouble commenting. You should be able to comment. Sometimes the first few comments get caught by Akismet Spam catcher but I try to watch for them. If you use the WordPress reader it should allow comments, too. I like comments and tried to loosen them up as much as possible in the settings. Please let me know if you have trouble. If you need to e-mail me it’s herb thiel (all one word) at gmail


      2. Okay. That’s good. I just checked and there is the star for like but there’s no comment bubble symbol. The potato bag workout is really funny! I have been looking at it on the Reader.

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