The Baby

They said this baby would be fun.

They said that we would play,

but so far all this baby does

is sleep most of the day.

At times, this baby smells quite bad.

At times, he sure does spit.

At times, he has a crying jag.

At times, he throws a fit.

I guess that some mistake’s been made

and my folks must regret,

they ever brought this baby home

instead of some nice pet.

3 thoughts on “The Baby

  1. Yes, the summary of a lot of older siblings’ feelings. They usually get over it. We started ours when people would talk about my wife being pregnant and say things like, “We know Ben is going to be so nice to his baby sister and just love her so much. He’s already so helpful to his mom.” When the baby came, he was three and he was a great big brother. I know that’s not what your poem was about but it just made me smile and think about it.

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