The Winning Goal

The air is cold, the ice is hard;

my skates are sharp as swords.

My mom and dad are side by side

and right behind the boards.

“Get the puck!” my father yells.

The puck skids past my stick —

then Eddie Cooper steals the puck

which makes me feel quite sick.

He now goes hurtling down the ice,

the puck in his control.

The air feels even colder

as I watch him score a goal.

His goal becomes the winning goal;

they win it four to three,

and deep inside, I tell myself,

they won because of me.

Someday, it just won’t matter.

Someday, I won’t mind blame.

Someday, in fact, I’ll laugh at this

when I’m a Calgary Flame.

7 thoughts on “The Winning Goal

  1. That’s the attitude, Casey. Well, if Casey had a stick instead of a bat and a puck…never mind. Eddie Cooper will remember and will sit in the sports bar with his buddies and say, “Hey! I know that guy! Let me tell you a story…”

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