If there were no such things as clocks,

my life would sure be great.

I’d never have to worry

cause I never would be late.

Yes, on the way to school,

I’d stop and play a while,

and when I finally got to class,

my teacher would just smile.

I’d never have to fret about

my homework getting done.

I could do it when I liked

which really would be fun.

As for bedtime — what a laugh!

I’d watch TV all night.

As for morning — I’d sleep in

until the sun was bright.

But clocks are here for good, I guess,

a thought I really hate,

cause judging by the time right now

I’m two whole hours late!

9 thoughts on “Clocks

      1. I have a take it or leave it attitude about it, myself. When it was time for us to “fall back” we would send the kids to bed at their regular time, then turn the clocks back and have a whole extra hour to ourselves.

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