The Camping Trip

My family had a camping trip,

but things did not go well.

It was a first for all of us

as anyone could tell.

No doubt it would have been quite fun —

had there been no storm,

and had the tent not sprung a leak,

and if it had been warm.

No doubt we would have cooked our meal

over burning wood,

had my father brought his torch —

it would have tasted good.

No doubt we would have gotten sleep,

had there been no rain,

and my sister would have done

more than just complain.

No doubt we just imagined things —

there probably was no bear.

There probably was no big bad wolf

whose howl caused quite a scare.

No doubt, except for all these things,

it would have been a blast,

yet when it comes to camping trips,

no doubt that is our last.

7 thoughts on “The Camping Trip

      1. Well, these last few years I have bought a cot, with a mat, for sleeping in the tent. I used to just sleep under the stars but that’s not for me anymore.


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