Other Things 23 – Poemlet 17

“Short and Tall”

My brother, Steve, has gotten tall,

as tall as our own dad.

He likes to call me “Shorty”

because it makes me mad.

He rests his elbow on my head

until I scream out “Steven!”

But I know soon there’ll come a day

when I will sure get even.

You see, I wear my brother’s clothes

he wore at age eleven.

Oh yes — he’ll be the short one soon,

‘cause I am only seven!

4 thoughts on “Other Things 23 – Poemlet 17

  1. Reminds me of two of my grandsons – both were the shortest in their classes right through grade school and junior high. (Both their parents are of average height.) Then all of a sudden they had a growth spurt and now both are just a bit taller than their grandpa – who is 6’2″ – and shrinking as he ages…

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