My sister’s learning how to cook;

Mom makes us eat each meal,

and cause Meg needs “encouragement”,

we can’t say what we feel.

Dinner used to be a time

when I’d relax and eat,

because my mom’s the greatest cook,

so each meal was a treat.

My sister’s meals are not like Mom’s,

despite the fact she tries.

She always makes a huge mistake,

and then she screams and cries.

“It’s fine,” Mom says. “It still tastes good”,

but that is not the truth.

Yes, just last week, when Meg made buns,

one nearly cracked my tooth!

I’m really tired of choking down

her latest recipe,

and if Meg doesn’t soon improve,

then I’ll need therapy.

Yet her bad meals, I realize,

should give me some relief,

cause I will need “encouragement” —

yes, that is my belief.

Tomorrow is a special day;

reports cards we will see,

so Mom must say, “It’s still quite good”,

when looking at each “D”!

4 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. That kid is acockeyed optimist, for sure. Mom is not gonna be cheerful about D’s.
    But he really is having a hard time, poor guy. I mean WHAT IS THAT AWFUL GREEN THING ON HIS PLATE? My best guess is a Dill Pickle Frittata with Grass Sauce.

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